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Military Woes

My wife was in the USAF for 22 years. Went from airman to retire as a Major. We witnessed the hollowing out and gradual decline of the military to the dreck it is today. All along, entering the military meant … Continue reading

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Writing Wars Walking Wounded

a friend was angered when I described what vetting was. “And do they reciprocate?” I was asked, and I sat there realizing how incredibly little they reciprocate in any way whatsoever. “Then you’re being manipulated, used, and you’re doing their work for them. Works out great for them, doesn’t it?” Continue reading

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Statement of Gratitude

I never studied writing under anyone famous or cool, but my English teachers all ate out of my hand, and one, Chase Sanborn, (David?), was the only one who took compassionate measures with me by one day walking me after … Continue reading

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Going Too Fast

…He gazed down at the highway’s surface. It was well illuminated by the headlamps of the cars stuck coming up the hill. It looks as if someone had spilled several gallons of strawberry jam. Trouble was, an arm showed, too, the hand curled and one finger still jittering. Just the arm. It was attached to nothing… Continue reading

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Quiet Kept

…More of what I’ve learned after thirty-five years of breaking and entering? First of all, there need be very little breaking if you’re alert to easy entering. People leave windows, doors, and garages open all the time. They forget to turn on security setups. They have big, friendly dogs socialized to meeting new people. A visitor to a dog can show up at all hours, they still love it…
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Locating the Wasteland

Sir Arthur C. Clarke once wrote, “Any TV is better than no TV.” He went on to observe that the best of it is as good as anything in any media, on its own terms. Continue reading

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