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Jack the Ripper and the Case for Scotland Yard’s Prime Suspect by Robert House Forward by Roy Hazelwood Published by Wiley, 2011, 1st edition 356pp, photos, notes, index ISBN: 978-0-470-93899-7 $19.95 Trade Paperback A Review

Aaron Kozminski was a Polish Jew chased by oppression, bigotry, and pogroms from his native country. His father had long since died and at least one older brother had already left. Aaron was 15. He fled to England, ending up … Continue reading

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Try Not To Think of Elephants

I dare you to read this list and not think of Republicans, Teabaggers, Religionists, and Corporatists. Glibness Superficial Charm A Grandiose Sense of Self Worth Pathological Lying Cunning Manipulation Lack of Remorse Lack of Guilt Shallow Affect Lack of Empathy … Continue reading

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Without Them We Are Lost

Say you’re hired when most are not. Say you’re eager to stay employed. Say further you’re allowed, even expected to make decisions as long as they meet a single standard. What is that litmus test for all you will do … Continue reading

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