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What Goes Up

Joe Turner carried an apple crate into Eddie’s that night.  He hefted it up onto the bar, then climbed onto a stool.  He put his elbows on the bar and said, “Draft.” Eddie, the bartender, broke off a chat he’d … Continue reading

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The Spirit’s Lament, John S. Davis

Found this in an old LOCUS. It will have meaning to few beyond its meaningful words. He’s missed, not just by us, his fellow Cultists. The Spirit’s Lament I have spent years denying afterlife. It seemed the thoughtful, rational thing … Continue reading

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A Brief Yap About Civility In Public Discourse

Civility is based upon respect. We can disagree but, if I respect you, I can very likely respect your opinion, too, and our differences become a basis for discussion and mutual learning and compromise. That is how politics was supposed … Continue reading

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A Review of Floating Staircase by Ronald Malfi

In Floating Staircase, Islands In the Stream by Hemingway, who is saluted overtly, Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine, and Thomas Harris’s Silence of the Lambs, echo like footsteps in an empty house. Flannery O’Connor’s shade flits by. There is a whiff of … Continue reading

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A Brief Word About Words

The English language is shrinking due to spellcheckers. Often, these expert systems lists cull related words that might work better but are not as popular. Often, these artificial intelligence robots offer limited choices based on commonality of usage. Often, spellcheckers … Continue reading

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Why Science Is Afraid Of Ghosts

Accounts of hauntings are accounts of people’s inner lives manifesting. Some panic or fall apart, some ignore hauntings, and some play or communicate with the spookiness, learning to live with it. All hauntings test people’s reactions, responses, and coping abilities. … Continue reading

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Turning Fear’s Key

Religionist cons always offer eternal peace and love because they target the insecure even as they ramp up fear, hate, and anxiety. This combination of unrelenting pressure and an offer of refuge is irresistible to abused slaves. Hence Nietzsche’s dictum … Continue reading

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