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A Parting Apart

After they made love As he lay sleeping She shaved her pubic hair Sewed it unwashed Into a corner of the lace handkerchief She gave him in the morning When he left for war. All that returned to her Was … Continue reading

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Jim held up a costume based on the monster from the latest hit horror movie and asked, “How about this one?” Pete sneered instantly, rubbing a hand over his crewcut.  “You crazy?  Everyone’s gonna be that this year.” “Yeah,” Oliver … Continue reading

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Ghosts, Okay, But Ghost Clothing?

This was a famous point raised by a Scottish professor when asked his objection to thinking ghosts are real. All he said was: Ghost clothing. Clothes are not alive and don’t die, so how can they produce a ghost? That … Continue reading

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Mermaid: The Body Found — Some Conflicting Reactions

On DSC CH last night there was a documentary that had me going for a bit. It concerned a navy sonar “accident” that beached a pod of whales on a beach in South Africa. Supposedly, a couple brothers, young teenagers, … Continue reading

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It’s (not) the Thought that Counts, It’s the Stuff

“[Fighting piracy is] becoming a full time job. There’s literally scores of sites containing pirated copies of my ebooks, and every time I get a DMCA notice served on one another springs up. It’s getting to the point where it’s … Continue reading

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George Cukor’s film KEEPER OF THE FLAME, starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, from 1942, details precisely and with some detail what has been done to us in order to introduce fascism into the USA. It’s remarkable and should be … Continue reading

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Not Ideas

it’s not your ideas ideas are a dime a dozen and unimportant. stop worrying about them. they are for trick fiction, for toy wind up stories. emphasizing or even noticing the “idea” is the most peurile skiffery imaginable. focusing on … Continue reading

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Me and Bullies

I have a skill at invective and a talent for contumely. I’ve had those since I was a kid because although I knew how to fight and was something of a roughneck as a younger kid, (did tumbling and gymnastics … Continue reading

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