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Started Writing Fiction At Age Eight

At age 16 I sent my very first submission to Esquire. It elicited a call-back from a sub-editor, and a two-page single-spaced response from Rust Hills, the editor, who explained that he wanted to publish it but simply could not … Continue reading

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Why “Beige, Not Blue” Is So Deeply Offensive

Censors demonize certain words in order to restrict your freedom of speech, thought, and behavior. No word has any special quality that places it beyond the pall of “polite” societal discourse. Politesse is rooted in the notion of cleaning shit … Continue reading

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Love is a centipede Crawling on you as you sleep Enjoying all the riches found, Depleting dreams for needs, Converting lust to fodder. Love is a spider Lowered on gut thread, Entering your mouth as you sleep, Being eaten in … Continue reading

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