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Brutality Is Not the Answer

Someone said:  “I support capital punishment for any person who sexually molests a child.  One cure.  One bullet.” I said, no, that’s just fascism and, when asked for suggestions, wrote the following. /// Oh, this is a layered, subtle topic. … Continue reading

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Make Fear & Hate Irrelevant

Feeling panic beginning to set in? That harsh edge of peer pressure starting to make you jittery and sick in the stomach? Remember something: Corporate media makes shit up to replace facts, then drums those shit points into everyone’s head … Continue reading

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Enlightened, rational adults think the teabaggers are ignorant and backward thinking but they are actually just representatives of a different, enemy culture, the one our ideals fight against. The one America was founded to fight against. The one that dominates … Continue reading

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A Set of Pointed Questions About TV’s Prudery

Just passing through the room and thought I’d toss out something: I just heard this phrase on the most recent GHOST ADVENTURES: “She never believed in ghosts, hauntings, or any of that bullshit.” The final word was said casually and … Continue reading

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Excerpt from a novel in progress

They sat outside on a terrace at a café table covered by white linen drinking Valpolicella as a sunny day waned. A light breeze meandered southwest along the river valley, giving their shade, provided by a trio of linden trees, … Continue reading

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Personal Code of Ethics – A Guest Essay by Niklaus Stewart

My youngest son wrote this last night as part of a school assignment. Makes me proud and humbles me. /// Do no harm to others, be it physical, mental, or emotional in nature (i.e. do not physically hurt another human … Continue reading

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Rusting Lock

I am not, cannot be Shiny child remembered, Child smarter, faster, sharper. I am what is left. Not dregs, not residue; More uneroded stone, Exposed core, A scrimshaw ego. Child is gone but lingers. I am lingering but gone. ///  … Continue reading

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