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Plastic Rap

Sequestration Perpetrates Devaluation Enervates Our education Penetrates Our dying nation Like a knife. Regulation Mitigates Exploitation Promulgates Equalization Watergates Equivocation Relegates Prevarication Promotes life. /// /// ///

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A Culling

Today’s thoughts culled from letters of comment, my fanzine column, my journal, and Facebook. /// I disagree with the assertion that electronic self-publishing is saturating the marketplace; no. It’s saturating the ebook zone, yes. Which is a hefty chunk of … Continue reading

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Passenger’s Lament in Applicant Terms

From whom do you ask permission to write a poem? What department clears the metaphor and simile? Is there a group who approves any meanings that may accrue? Is intention noted and focused will parsed? Do logbooks exist that tally … Continue reading

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Unapparent Apparel in Parallel

The moon wears a hat of my dreams Its collar is my wish to know the ground Where seed we spilt and planted grows Sky trees and astral firefly leaves for us In brazen arboreal lust to keep us whole. … Continue reading

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Tolkien’s Favorite

There was a man named Lessingham dwelt in an old low house in Wastdale, set in a gray old garden where yew-trees flourished that had seen Vikings in Copeland in their seedling time. Lily and rose and larkspur bloomed in … Continue reading

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Breeze Through Trees

Who it is we all know for all us poets have lost one such. All the chirp and chatter, aye. Endless questions that chip away at our heartwood. Where to take our hollow core is always the dilemma we who … Continue reading

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