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Clementine Is Now Unbound

A friend’s delicious, superb, piquant journal of brilliant poetry.  Please check it out, support it, and enjoy. /// The December issue of Clementine Poetry Journal is now live. Big thanks and congratulations to our December poets! The poems are in … Continue reading

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Come On

My father said, “Come on,” and we walked out of the house, through the yard, and into fields on hills.  We eventually descended into a copse and there amidst the trees he took out a revolver.  “Set me up some … Continue reading

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Tempestuous Teapottery –

Tempestuous Teapottery – Should an artist’s flaws count against the art? Should an image, a grotesque caricature really, of HPL be dumped because the man himself was a racist? Is hate by association sufficient? Ask the same of Nazi documentariste … Continue reading

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