Seething Grass

They tell us our votes count.
They tell us work makes freedom.
They tell us to buy, spend, invest.
They tell us to shut up.
They tell us to die.

We tell them Yes.



“How do you know.”
The trumper’s question.

Nullifies all fact.
Demolishes reality so they can
Think what they want.

My wife does this.
Thinks categorically, too.

Time to join the celebration.

Expect death.
Trump’s only genuine promise.


So I posted an article called
The Truth About the Necronomicon,
Discussing its fictional origins,
Possible referential sources;
Its many hokey versions
Released to make money.

FB informs me that it was deleted,
Having been reported.

Some xtian trumper dupe, apparently,
Objected to discussing fiction or
Its real-world effects.

Go Google the article and enjoy.

Fuck censorship to death.


“Bent beast and pale rider, they wandered through the seething grass.”

J. G. Ballard


HuffPo: just another platform for high jumpers who can’t swim.

/ W B Kek

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