pp 159, 160 of Fair Copy, The Official Version by Gene Stewart, excerpt:

…She’d tumbled to confusion.  Tracing welts and scars back to bright edges and shiny slices of fear made her clench.  She skittered awn from such memories the way like repelled like in magnets.

“I never wanted anything enough to go get it.  I was content to accept what came my way, excite it wasn’t contentment.  It was more like inertia and I think — no, I know now, I’m sure — I took steps to rouse my will, to break out of my old patterns.  Only now I’m afraid I’ve gone wrong, or failed.”

Chesney’s pen lifted to her lips.  She chewed the pen, shrugged; it read, this letter, like a confession.

She started crumpling it, then stopped.  She smoothed the note and stood.  Folding the note once, she slipped it into a library book in the stack on her kitchen counter.  She would return the books that afternoon, leaving the note to be carried by chance, delivered by fate.  There was no name on it, and no date.  Anonymous communications with strangers; to what desperate sad insignificance was she reduced?

///  ///  ///

About Gene Stewart

Born 7 Feb 1958
Altoona, PA, USA
Married 1980
Three sons, grown
Have lived in Japan, Germany, all over US
Currently in Nebraska
I write, paint, play guitar
Read widely
Wide taste in music, movies
Wide range of interests
Hate god yap
Humanist, Rationalist, Fortean
Love the eerie

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