Or Else

Cooper, Thomas Sidney; Landscape with Cattle and Sheep; York Museums Trust; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/landscape-with-cattle-and-sheep-8203

Melodrama in Pulp stories focuses on conspiracy, unspeakable cults, and nefarious plots to control the world.  What strikes me is how accurate such excess can be.

Look at trumpers; Putin’s oligarchs; gangsters; the Tongs; the GOP; white supremacists; survivalists; ISIL/Daeth; Boko Haram; the Likud; Zionism; corporatism; Nazism; etc.  Each is a conspiracy to rule the world.  Each is responsible for atrocities.  Each exploits dupes and uses minions.

The GOP is an ideological cult masquerading as a political party.  This mirrors the Nazis.  Dominionists and NRA gun nuts, tea baggers, and FOX News dupes, haters and hackers, all such marginalized, invalid losers are eager to advance or tolerate any cause that lets their causes advance.

In SABOTEUR, 1942, Robert Cummings plays a factory worker blamed for an explosion at Stewart Aircraft.  He runs afoul of the true conspirators.  He is taken to a rich, urbane grandfather on a beautiful ranch, where he and his ideals are sneered at from an arch-GOP view.  Democracy and We the People are to be despised and exploited, the old man says; Hitch and his screenwriters Peter Viertel, Joan Harrison, and Dorothy Parker, knew full well who the fascists are in our society:  The would-be aristocrats.  We call them the 1% rich now, and the wanna-be rich.

Cummings’s character uses the fascist’s toddler grand-daughter Susie as a shield to let him escape the ranch alive, setting him free to thwart the nefarious plot against the Allied war cause.

Ah, romance.

In real life, 9/11 happens ON TV for most and we sit gaping, aghast.  We become ersatz witnesses, we are told to feel like participants, and we are manipulated shamelessly.

No one does anything, not even investigation.  We’re not permitted.

Anyone who asks quests is at once swarmed by ridicule and dismissed.  the insane insistence that even asking questions marks one as a crazy conspiricist is itself a conspiracy to quash investigation.  It is criminals insisting there is no such thing as crime and demonizing the very notion of crime.  It is a colluder and traitor repeating endlessly that there was no collusion, and let’s ignore treason altogether, it’s a silly notion.

This, by reason alone, affirms a tangle of covert agendas. This, by logic alone, affirms effort, (conspiracy), not accident, (chance), determines much of our history’s pivotal moments, and almost all the consolidation that follows in the pattern we call civilization.

Stay inside the fence and chew your cut.  Moo.

We’re being told this constantly.  Here’s a bright shiny distraction.  Gossip is golden.  Violence is golden.  If it bleeds it leads.  Buy this.  Eat that.

Don’t look up.  Baa.

Eat your feed and don’t look up, OR ELSE.

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