Two Poems So Far Today

UNFINISHED PAINTING by Keelan Thør Stewart, March 2018

We have never been alone.

The mara, the faerie, the Djinn.

The Horla, imps, the gnomes.

The pixies, dryads, naiads, the sylphs.

Demons, banshee, the Sidhe.

Selkie, fetch, wraiths.

Ghosts, haunts, specters.

Tulpa, dao sho, ka.

Grays, insectoids, reptilians.

Apparitions, manifestations, presences.

All the unseen, the denied, the glimpsed in shadow.

We have never been alone.

/ W B Kek


Is there a beginning

Not chosen by preference?

Is there an end

Not determined by convenience?

Tale-tellers select frames

So their stories exist.

Memories are flagstones

Set into time’s mud.

Existence is plucked

From reality’s flux and flow.

/ W B Kek

About Gene Stewart

Born 7 Feb 1958 Altoona, PA, USA Married 1980 Three sons, grown Have lived in Japan, Germany, all over US Currently in Nebraska I write, paint, play guitar Read widely Wide taste in music, movies Wide range of interests Hate god yap Humanist, Rationalist, Fortean Love the eerie
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