Property’s Dissent

Lilly & Her Ball/Distraction:  Property

We went to The Moon, yes, but we also may have faked what the public saw, for two reasons: Nixon was thus ensured good media, and a covert military mission could be performed out in the open, with no one the wiser. Masks, screens, and the fog of espionage explain so much.

Many were stunned by 9/11. Shock doctrine flash-bang was their intention. I knew instantly it was a coordinated military-level attack on perception and that it was political theater, because I’m steeped in studying espionage. Did we see planes hit buildings? No, we saw TV images.

Masks, screens, and substitutes; the fog of espionage explains so much.

I recall watching that image of a plane hitting that image of the WTC, and my immediate response was, “Gloves and masks are off now. The cockroaches are not hiding from the light anymore.” This has proven prescient, in ways, but even before 9/11 we knew it was going that way, eagerly into crime, darkness, and universal corruption. We knew pretty much from Reagan on down, with roots in Nixon’s basement.

So much of what we are told is reality stems from propaganda, inculcated belief systems, (believe = pretend, remember), indoctrination from schooling, (schooling is not education; look it up), and the snarling, howling, and swarming of self-appointed skeptics who ridicule, mock, and shout down any questions or assertions not approved by the status quo and consensual so-called reality.

Philip K. Dick knew this. He called our world the Black Iron Prison and traced it back to Ancient Rome, via the Vatican. “Anything, or evidence for it, can be faked,” he wrote. In this way, we are surrounded by a movie set sub-reality, a Potemkin Village of Future Shock Doctrine values and manipulations, a wallpaper world Wm. Morris would have torn through with a laugh. The Matrix, a simulation, the world of Perky Pat; call it anything you wish, but remember: Wishes are a sucker bet’s wet dream.

We live in a box we can’t see.

As Charles Fort observed: We’re property.

/ Samael Gyre

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