In Darkness We Alight

Embrace the darkness.  Why?

Look at the sky, at night.  Look at the universe.

It is a simple fact:  Darkness subsumes all light.

Stars burn out.  Darkness does not.

Lucifer had to BRING light.  Prometheus had to STEAL fire.

Darkness is the base level of existence.

Demonizing it by populating it with imaginary creepy crawlies is just another con job to keep you after the bright and shiny promises and lies of religion.  They deer-spot you.  Glare blinds, freezes.  Makes you an easy target.

I will not lie to offer false comfort.

Light a match to catch the devil’s eye, bring the cross of fire to the fight, as Ian Anderson once wrote.

Better, learn to like the dark.  It’s soothing.  Comforting.  Hides us from enemies.

We need dark to sleep properly and sleep is the main gate to the other worlds.

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness” is better interpreted as learning is better than ignorance.


About Gene Stewart

Born 7 Feb 1958 Altoona, PA, USA Married 1980 Three sons, grown Have lived in Japan, Germany, all over US Currently in Nebraska I write, paint, play guitar Read widely Wide taste in music, movies Wide range of interests Hate god yap Humanist, Rationalist, Fortean Love the eerie
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