Gene’s Publishing Credits


* Alexandra’s Awakening – Olympia Press (, UK – March 2005
* Trained & Tamed – November 2005
which became, upon rewriting & republication stateside:
* Alaya’s Assignments – Pink Flamingo Books – 2007
* Properly Whipped – Pink Flamingo Books – 2008
* Island Bound – Pink Flamingo – September 2011


*Island Bound – – Spring 2012


*Dictation in Best American Erotica – Touchstone/Simon & Schuster
* In Concert and uncredited material in Codominium: Revolt on War World – Baen Books
* Basement Lights in Blood, Guts & Psychopaths (cancelled anthology)
* Zombie Love in Cold Flesh – Paul Fry, ed. –
* Bad People in Desolate Places (Eric T. Reynolds and Adam Nakama, eds)
* Grub Stake in Hell’s Hangmen – Ron Shiflet, ed. – Tenoka Press
* Stalker: A Song of Silence Surrendered and A Girl’s name in In a Nutshell – Nick Aires, ed.
* State of Blues in Jigsaw Nation – Kathy Sedia & Edward J. McFadden, eds. – Spyre
* Jester’s Luck in Legends of the Pendragon – James Lowder, ed. – Green Knight
* Black Pearl in Love and Sacrifice – Helen and Robert Pratton, eds. – Zen Films
* Dictation in Of Princes and Beauties – Cecilia Tan, ed. – Circlet Press
* Doggy Bag in Pegasus textbooks – Kendall-Hunt
* Evidence in Poe’s Progeny – Gary Fry, ed. – Gray Friar Press –
* The Name and the Shadow in Ruins: Metropolis (Eric T. Reynolds, Ed)
* Biter in Scared Naked anthology
* Doggy Bag in SIRS Discoverer CD-ROM InterActive for schools and libraries
* Wooden Druthers in The Ultimate Witch – John Betancourt, ed. – Dell
* Wooden Druthers in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror No. 7 – Datlow & Windling, eds. – St. Martin’s Press
* Cross-Town Incubus in Treasury anth (Susie Bright, editor)
* Dark Shapes in Dia De Los Muertos – Angela Craig, editor – Electrik Milk Bath Press
* In Concert and
* The Lost and the Found in War World:  Discovery – John F. Carr, ed. – Pequod Press
* The Fisherman’s Tale (poem) –  Terror at Miskatonic Falls – Kevin Lucia, ed. – Shroud Press
* Worms in the Dirt – Footprints – Eric T. Reynolds, ed. – Hadley Rille
* How Best to See Axqa – Northern Haunts – Tim Deal, ed. – Shroud
* Bad People – Barren Worlds – Eric T. Reynolds, ed. – Hadley Rille
* Loose Change – Unspeakable Horror 2: Abominations of Desire – Dark Scribe Press
*Enough Rope – War World:  Takeover – John F. Carr, ed. – Pequod Press
*Sugar & Shit – Dark Discoveries – Evil Jester Press
*Zombie Love – Zombies For a Cure – Elektrik Milk Bath Press
*The Ditch – Deep Cuts – Angel Leigh McCoy, E. S. Magill, Chriss Marrs, editors – Evil Jester Press                                                                                                                                             *The Tale of the Pig Farmer’s Daughter, – A Time To…, The Best of Lorelei Signal, Vol. 2, Carol Hightshoe, editor
*Nightmirrors, – Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers, Vol. 2 – Suzie & Bruce Lockhart, editors – Horrified Press                                                                                                                         *Alexander’s Sword – War World:  Jihad, John F. Carr, ed. – Pequod Press                                                                                                                                                *Unclean Doreen – Twisted Boulevard, Angela Charmaine Craig, editor – Elektrik Milk Bath Press                                                                                                                                                   *The Stone Clock – The Clock Strikes 13, Dorothy Davies, ed. – Thirteen/Horrified Press
*Ish-Jin-Kee’s Touch – The Clock Strikes 13, Dorothy Davies, ed.  -Thirteen/Horrified  *All-Nighter – Nightwalkers, Dorothy Davies, ed. – Thirteen/Horrified Press                       *A House by the Woods – Wildwood, Dorothy Davies, ed. – Thirteen/Horrified Press *Moonrise – War, Dorothy Davies, ed. – Thirteen/Horrified Press UK                         *Staying Small – White-Face Death, Dorothy Davies, ed. – Thirteen/Horrified Press UK    *Another Santa’s Helper’s Workshop – One Hell of a Christmas, Dorothy Davies,  ed.13/HorrifiedPress,                                                                                                                        *Arc of Ambition – Ripple Effect, Dorothy Davies, ed. – Thirteen/Horrified Press                *Grub Stake – Dragon’s Blood, Dorothy Davies, ed. – Thirteen/Horrified Press                    *Gristle & Bone – Cursed Curiosity, Brian Barnett, ed. – Thirteen/Horrified Press                *A Dream On Fire – Pyromania, Dorothy Davies, ed. – Thirteen/Horrified Press                 *In Fire, In Flame – Pyromania, Dorothy Davies, ed. – Thirteen/Horrified Press                 *When the Churches All Blew Up – Changes, Dorothy Davies, ed. – Thirteen/Horrified *Asking Help – Coming Back, Dorothy Davies, ed. – Thirteen/Horrified                          *Trick – Malice, Suzie & Bruce Lockhart, eds. – Thirteen/Horrifed                                      *Eschaton’s Fate – From Out of the Dark, Robt. N. Stephenson, ed – Altair                              *Throat Tickle – Arachnophobia, Dorothy Davies, ed – 13/Horrified                          *Secrecy’s Orphans – Tales From the Blue Gonk, Dorothy Davies, ed  – 13/Horrified *Icewolves – Ice, Dorothy Davies, ed – 13/Horrified Press                                                   *Scents of the Divine (poem) – Beyond the 13th Chime, Geo. Wilhite, ed – 13/Horrified       *A Game of Empire – Beyond the 13th Chime, Geo. Wilhite, ed – 13/Horrified Press   *Ground Pork – It’s My Party (& I’ll Die If I Want To), Dorothy Davies, ed – 13 Horrified   *After You – Men, Dorothy Davies, ed – 13/Horrified  Press                                                          *Third Night’s Charm – Best SF, Fantasy & Horror, Vol. 1 – Robert N. Stephenson – Altair *Hewit’s Report – Best SF, Fantasy, & Horror, Vol. 2 – Robert N. Stephenson – Altair *Dictation – Great Jones Street – Kelly Abbott & Ken Truesdale                                       *Cross-Town Incubus – Great Jones Street – Kelly Abbot & Ken Truesdale                        *Our Reliance Upon Orbital Decay: Rostov’e Zeks – War World:  The Patriot Wars –      John F. Carr – Pegasus Books                                                                                                *Haven’s Hell – War World – John F. Carr – Pegasus Books


* The Horror, The Horror in Story House coffee labels


*Mummy’s Undies in Grave Demands
* Trial by SF in Altair
* Carriers in Altair
* Ourselves in AXXON (Argentina)
* Carriers in AXXON (Argentina)
* A Choice Like Lunch in Blue Murder
* King of the Sacred Lagoon in Deep Outside
* A Swirl of Green in Fortean Bureau
* Moonlights in Future Orbits
* Elette’s New World in Lorelei Signal
* The Tale of the Pig Farmer’s Daughter – Lorelei Signal
* The Stone Clock in Nanobison
* Murder Knife in Big Pulp (pod)
* The Mass-Com Effect – Phantom
*Feast of the February Flies – Paraphilia, Jan 2013 issue
*Hurt Cut Bone (poem) – Van Gogh’s Ear                                                                                *Even Trade – Paraphilia, Mar 2013 issue                                                                                      *A Finger Fetched, Voluted Tales, April 2013, Mark Turner, ed/pub                            *Cryptid’s Lair, Freezine, May 2014, Shaun Lawton, ed.                                            *Thwarting the Epistemology Ploy – UFO Digest – Dirk Vander Ploeg – July 2015?   *Bunker Report From the Reality Wars – UFO Digest – Dirk Vander Ploeg – Aug 2015 *Ground Pork (w/my illo) – Free Zine – Shaun Lawton                                                                  *


* Cutting Remarks in July 2011 The Writer
* Bag of Bones in Aboriginal SF
* Penny Royalty for the Pound Mob in All Possible Worlds
* Reality’s Ecology in Alternate Perceptions
* Quotation in Analog
* Entropy Ad in Asimov’s SF
* Family Curse in Brutarian
* Last Betryal in Brutarian
* Doggy Bag in Cricket for Children
* A Pact of Silence, I & II in Cricket for Children
* Carla, Adangle in Cricket for Children
* The Only Lonely Frog in Ladybug for Young Children
* Weal & Woe in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy
* Wizard¹s Rest in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy
* Stay At Home Dad in Military Lifestyle
*Biter in Scared Naked
* S Talking in the Dark in Opinions
* Things Changed in Opinions
* Haunted Thoughts in Opinions
* hades of Meaning: SF As a New Metric in Skeptical Inquirer
* Up the Hill in Talebones
* review of The Book of Joby in Tales of Morauvia
* review of Mr. B. Gone in Tales of Morauvia
* Noche Triste in Tales of Morauvia
* review of No Country for Old Men in Tales of Morauvia
* Battlestar Galactice e geopolitical real in Terra (Brazil)
* On the Eve in Writer’s Post Journal
* Children of Thunder in Writer’s Post Journal
* Nomenclature in Writer’s Post Journal
* Not Buzzard in Writer’s Post Journal
* Fallen Star in Writer’s Post Journal
* A Strand of a Woman’s Hair in Writer’s Post Journal
* Have You Had Your Art Today? in Writer’s Post Journal
* Visions: A Resource for Writers in Writer’s Post Journal
* Ostara’s Night (poem) in PanGaia
* review of Writer’s Postal Chart in Visions
* Flocks of Birds in a Frigid Sky in Shroud                                                                                         *Inheritance in Big Pulp, scheduled for 2014


* The Mountaineer Herald
* Rev-Up


NOTE:  Gene has also published fiction, nonfiction, criticism, maps, photography, cartoons, and poetry in various digests, APA zines, and other forums using pen names.

If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.

–Nikola Tesla