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Culture War

Make no mistake, this is culture war and the would-be aristocrats are trying to kill us. /// I don’t want your free books. If a book interests me, I’ll pay fair price for it all on my own. Handing out … Continue reading

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Nightmare Color’s Origin

As a child I had a recurring nightmare. I’d find myself crouched in a ditch or trench in eerie teal darkness.  It was always hellishly hot.  Silence held me in suspense for reasons I could not fathom but it felt … Continue reading

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News-Like Shows

As Paddy Chayevsky warned in the script for the astonishingly-prescient film NETWORK, in 1976 mind you, the first hard shove toward the complete downfall of media journalism came when news organizations were placed under the entertainment banner and became responsible … Continue reading

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A Parting Apart

After they made love As he lay sleeping She shaved her pubic hair Sewed it unwashed Into a corner of the lace handkerchief She gave him in the morning When he left for war. All that returned to her Was … Continue reading

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We Are This Society

We Are This Society. We live in a society now that has allowed food to become poison, greed a virtue, and sadistic cruelty praiseworthy. We are part of a society that pollutes its air, land, and water as fast as … Continue reading

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